Touching into the wild heart of horses is how I work. It comes from my understanding of their innate evolutionary needs and my desire to see them living a happy and healthy life. My aspiration is to touch the wild in all equines drawing from my work with Przewalski, feral and domestic equines. My goal is to allow each horse the freedom to express natural horse behaviour and live an authentic horse life. This leads to a horse who is fulfilled and content regardless of their environment or lifestyle.


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I qualified as an Equine Podiatrist  in 2005 and have run my own ‘Whole Horse’
hoof care business since then. I work extensively in all areas of shoeless hoof care
including rehabilitation from lameness, maintaining performance hooves and
transitioning out of shoes, as well as routine trimming and owner support.

My fascination with equine behaviour has led me along the path of specialising in
working with horses that are often labelled ‘problem’ or ‘dangerous’. Finding low
stress ways to handle them that also builds trust and connection is the foundation of
my work. I feel a deep satisfaction when I can help a horse feel safe and calm enough to be handled by humans. I don’t have set methods or techniques but instead use my experience, alongside adaptability to introduce and then establish straightforward handling.


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In all of my work I apply my understanding of the physical, social, cognitive and emotional needs of horses which I have learnt about through the study of equine ethology (the study of animals in their natural habitat) and equine evolution. To further my knowledge, alongside workshops, courses and online study, I regularly spend time in Spain studying wild living Pottokas (a feral breed of Spanish pony) at the mountain reserve which was set up by and is run by the world renown Equine Ethologist Lucy Rees . 

I live with my family and animals within my local community amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. And at present I am in Africa, studying the  zebra of Kariba, Zimbabwe. 



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The Art of Horsemanship 

Eastern philosophy proclaims that the pursuit of self can be attained through many means. The art of horsemanship is one of these. In this art the growth of consciousness occurs through progressive attunement with the horse, which represents the inner Essence of life itself. As such, it must be tamed and harmoniously linked with healthy conscious control in the process of constructive discipline. It is in this process that the paradox of opposites are beautifully played out, for a balance of these extremes embodies the ultimate goal. It encompasses a search for a graceful rendition of raw power, the gentle expression of absolute strength, the willing submission of a strong will and the generous compliance of a free spirit in an attitude of mutual respect. To achieve this demands a freedom from the bonds of the ego by the rider, a loosening of the confines of forced control which can leave behind nothing but the stilted vestige of potential. Look, therefore, well at the image of yourself and your horse. Know his difficulties, and have the wisdom to separate theses from his wilful resistance. Know, to, his vulnerabilities and comfort these, while pushing him safely beyond his fears. Ensure growth and progress at all times, but do not force him beyond the limits of his soul and flesh. A child cannot run before it can walk, and so, too, a horse will need to learn and mature within the boundaries of his own development. A damaged foundation will ultimately not sustain a solid home, so build strength for a future in an atmosphere of trust and confidence. 

See the relationship with your horse as a mirror of your true self. In it, you will see a reflection of your own personality with all it’s strengths and shortcomings, in the same way that every microcosm reflects the macrocosm. The way you are with your horse, so you are with yourself, others and also life at large. Knowledge and understanding of this partnership is your guide towards further work and development of your soul. The degree of commitment to this work determines your destiny. The abuse or love you convey will karmically return to you, and the foundation sown will determine the harvest reaped.

Thus, hold these truths in your heart, for they are the truths of life. In them lie the path to your soul, and as such it is your duty to revere them. It is for this reason that the horseman must revere the Horse as a symbol of divine life itself.

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