P Cummings

What can I say except the equine world is a better place for having Bonny in it. I fist met Bonny about 13 years ago when she came to trim my two Highlands and Basil my Shetland, who was very ill including laminitis. His feet were very sore and he was so ill and weak that 3 vets didn’t give him much of a chance of surviving. Well, Bonny came into our life and as far as I’m concerned saved his life (something that Bonny refuses to take credit for) She went on to correct all of their feet which I didn’t even know needed correcting.

Her knowledge and gentle handling of them and me went above and beyond. Bonny taught me so much in these years that I’ve become a much better owner because of her and is my go to. Bonny has a sixth sense when it comes to equines her intuition and handling of them is amazing and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.