Training Redefined

A more accurate description of how I work with equines is by encouraging communication and interaction.

Equine Hoof Care Workshops

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in 2020 please get in touch The health of your equine is reflected in their feet.  This workshop is relevant whether your horse is barefoot or shod. Healthy hooves are healthy hooves! The morning will be spent looking into the anatomy and function of the equine foot….

Wild Horses in Spain

  Wild horses and the images they conjure up touches a yearning deep within even the most domesticated of us. You may think that the opportunity to observe and live alongside such creatures is the stuff of dreams, but luckily for us there is the chance to do just that in the unique European reservation…

The Edge of the Atlantic

My day starts with a bleary-eyed cup of tea at 5am followed by a by a two hour drive to the ferry terminal. Travelling to work by boat is one of my great joys, and today its a three hour commute on an iconic Caledonian MacBrayne ferry to a remote Hebridean Island. My husband Dave…

Finding Bonny

Welcome, I am an Equine Podiatrist specialising in handling wild, untouched, feral and difficult to handle equines.  Touching into the wild heart of horses is how I work. It comes from my understanding of their innate evolutionary needs and my desire to see them living a happy and healthy life.  My aspiration is to touch…